SeeYouInDC - Independent Media Collaborative Inauguration Coverage
Independent Media covering the protests, activism & events from the 2017 Inauguration in Washington DC
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Each team member will provide their own unique coverage of the 2017 Inauguration

Benjamin Dixon

Host of the Benjamin Dixon Show, dad, husband, author and founder of

Tim Black

The powerhouse voice and force behind, and cornbread aficionado.

Anoa Changa

Writer, activist, mom, host of The Way with Anoa. Visit

Michael Salamone

Artist, musician, writer, host of the Salamone audio podcast, founder of

John MacDonald

Road producer, researcher, logistical guru, expert on the fly, friend, invaluable.

Progressive Army & the Benjamin Dixon Show channel on YouTube will curate the best of our coverage into their daily operations.

MediaRevolt won’t officially launch until Spring 2017, but aims to empower creators and liberate content, serving both indie media creators and consumers.


Use the hashtags #SeeYouInDC, #OccupyInauguration, #WomensMarch or #J20 to be included in a special live feed tracking Instagram, Periscope, YouTube and Twitter for activism, citizen journalism and commentary.

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Links to Keep Up-to-Date with Our Coverage and the Benjamin Dixon Channel will provide curated reports from our coverage. will curate social media posts from all of our team members so you can keep up with what everyone is doing and when they are live streaming. will curate social media posts from you and everyone else tagged with either #SeeYouInDC, #OccupyInauguration, #J20 or #WomensMarch from Instagram, Twitter, Periscope or YouTube. will curate posts from YouTube based on the #SeeYouInDC hashtag as well as special content from our team and partners


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What our donors say

Our citizen media coverage has been made possible through donations from other citizens at http://Solidarity.Rocks. Thank you for supporting our calling to speak truth to power.

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Or View Our Live Feed tracking everything from activists, citizen journalists and citizen commentary from Instagram, Periscope, Twitter or YouTube using #OccupyInauguration, #SeeYouInDC, #J20 or #WomensMarch